Swank Enterprises is dedicated to making minimal impact on the environment during construction. Having many certified LEED buildings we use sustainable practices on all our projects from recycling to minimize waste, sourcing local materials to protecting air quality systems during construction. Swank Enterprises has 13 USGBC certified projects: two LEED-Platinum Certified buildings, five Certified Gold, two buildings Certified Silver and four pending Certification. Many of our project managers are LEED associates.


Math/Science Building – Browning 2011
Jim Lake (PM), Butch (super)

Paintbrush Lodge – 2015
Jim Lake (PM), Mitch Weldele (super)


Del Bonita Port of Entry – 2013
Shawn Baker (PM), Butch (Super)

Barret Hospital – 2011
Louise Adamson (LEED), Robert Meinhardt (PM)

Old Faithfull Visitors Center – 2010
Kevin Forbes (PM), Josh Mullaney (Super)

Haynes Admin Building – 2017
Kevin Forbes (PM), Darren LeMaster (Super)

Idaho Panhandle Ranger office – 2010
Grant Kerley (PM), Bob West (super)


Bute Army Reserve – 2014
Shawn Baker (PM), Tom Halsey (Super)

Sandpoint Charter School – 2011
Grant Kerley (PM), Bob West (Super)