Swank Enterprises is a very hands-on GC/CM. We believe in self-performing much of the work to allow us to better control schedule, quality and safety. It’s quite a bit more effort to self-perform rather than hire someone else to do it, however, there are tremendous savings in cost with our overhead, supervision and equipment already paid for.

We see a cost savings of 25-30% when we self-perform vs subcontract work.

Self-performed work includes:


⇒ Concrete
⇒ Steel
⇒ Framing
⇒ Carpentry
⇒ Equipment
⇒ Specialties
⇒ Millwork
⇒ Pre-Engineered Buildings
⇒ Siding
⇒ Metal Panel and Roofing
⇒ Sealants
⇒ Doors and Frames
⇒ Hardware
⇒ Acoustics