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Mammoth Hotel Structural Stabilization & Rehabilitation – Phase I

Swank Enterprises was selected by the National Park Service to begin rehabilitation of the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel in October of 2016. Crews would have nine months to completely gut the lobby portion of the building, excavate portions of the crawlspace to underpin foundations and construct new basement spaces, remove the entire roof and reframe it, and put everything back together in time for part of the next tourist season.

Historic windows, doors and trims were removed from the building, cataloged, and refinished for reuse. Seismic bracing and shear walls were added to existing walls to improve the structure’s performance in the event of an earthquake. The roof structure was removed and completely re-framed to allow mechanical equipment to be installed in the attic space. Additional square footage was added for gift shop and conference room space, and for stairs and an elevator.

New plaster was installed on the building façade to match original plaster that was deteriorating. Plaster medallions from the original construction were replicated, as were many of the exterior trims. New interior finishes include hardwood flooring, custom carpets and runners, new custom mahogany doors to match the original door construction, mahogany trims, bronze inlaid mahogany wall paneling, and fixtures to match the design of the original 1937 Art Moderne building.

The project was completed on time and turned over to the Park Service for the 2017 season.