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Many Glacier Hotel

The Many Glacier hotel was built in 1913 on the east shore of Swift Current Lake in Glacier National Park. In 2001, the National Park Service began what would become a five-phase renovation of the sprawling lodge. Each of the five phases were awarded to Swank Enterprises through a best-value selection process. Our experience and care handling historic fabric, expertise with heavy structural rehabilitation, and the resources to complete demanding projects in tight timeframes made Swank a great fit for this legacy project.

Phase 1 – Emergency Stabilization

Over the years, the foundation and structure had deteriorated to a point where the first story walls were eight inches out of plumb. This condition threatened the safety of the occupants and risked collapsing the four floors above. Swank’s team safely jacked and re-plumbed the five stories of annex one, installed new concrete foundations and bulkheads, installed structural steel framework for balconies and rails, and repaired all of the interior finishes and piping affected by moving the building.

Phase 2 & 3 – Envelope Rehabilitation

The next two phases took three years to complete, and involved rehabilitating the building’s roof, siding, windows and doors. The historic trim work and details on the building were very elaborate, and took special care to document, dismantle, and restore for re-use. Hundreds of the original windows and doors were removed, cataloged and restored. A new five story elevator was retrofitted into the building, and timber trusses in the kitchen and dining rooms were re-built. All of the balconies were re-framed with structural steel and trimmed out to match the original construction details. New siding and a new roof rounded out this project and ensured the building envelope will keep the harsh weather out for another century.

Phase 4 – Critical Health & Life Safety Upgrades

Phase four was a massive seismic stabilization, which involved building and concealing new concrete shear walls in the hotel. Existing framing and structure was retrofitted and attached to the new shear walls to bring the building into compliance with modern seismic codes. The massive rock fireplace in the dining room also received concealed concrete reinforcement and had a new flue installed. Additional siding, trims, and interior finishes were replaced to match original details in-kind. A large portion of the guest rooms and public spaces were also restored.

Phase 5 – Critical Health & Life Safety Upgrades

The fifth and final phase completed the remaining seismic stabilization of Annex II, and completed renovation of the guest rooms. Crews put the finishing touches on the work in June of 2017, which included improvements to the timber structure, replication of historic fixtures, and re-construction of the grand staircase.