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Old Faithful Inn – Old House Renovation

The original Old Faithful Inn, or “Old House”, as it’s referred to was constructed in 1904. Swank Enterprises was contracted by the National Park Service to renovate the structure over two years, beginning in 2004. Crews rehabilitated the structure, leveled the floors, re-roofed the building, and installed new finishes over two winters.

New footings and beams were installed in the crawlspace to shore up the floor structure, which had begun to settle and sag. Existing structural timbers were removed to allow the installation of new steel brace frames, columns and beams. To keep the historic fabric true to the building, carpenters hollowed out the existing timbers and fit them over the new steel structure – giving the appearance of a timber structure. The building received new roofing and siding. Original windows were restored and re-installed, and the original woodwork was restored to a like-new condition. New electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems were installed, and the building was brought up to modern building codes.

The remoteness of the project required a man camp to be built to house tradesmen, and during the winter men and materials were brought into the site on snowmobiles, and tracked vehicles with trailers on skis. Despite the challenging conditions, and many unforeseen obstacles, construction was completed on time each season to allow visitors to enjoy this iconic Yellowstone destination.